UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS, DECEMBER 21th 2016 – The NWO domain Applied and Technical Sciences (TTW, formerly known as the Technology Foundation STW) has provided funding for the Take-off phase 1 – feasibility project ‘PACT, a new tool to assess platelet function in the bleeding patient’.

The grant in the amount of € 40,000 will be used to study feasibility of commercial application of the PACT to improve platelet diagnostics in patients at risk of bleeding. The aim is to gain insight into what is needed for implementation in the diagnostic clinical setting and to obtain CE marking for entry onto the (inter)national market.

For more information on the PACT, please contact Dr. Suzanne Korporaal, C.O.O. at J.A.Korporaal@U-PACT.com.

For more information on U-PACT B.V., please contact Dr. Martin Hessing, C.E.O. at M.Hessing@U-PACT.com.