UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS, JULY 16th 2018 – The NWO domain Applied and Technical Sciences (TTW, formerly known as the Technology Foundation STW) has granted a loan for the Take-off phase 2 project ‘PACT, a new diagnostic tool to assess platelet function in the bleeding patient’. 

The grant in the amount of € 150.000 will be used for the commercial application of the PACT to improve platelet diagnostics in patients at risk of bleeding by implementing PACT in the diagnostic clinical setting and to obtain CE marking for entry onto the (inter)national market.


The Take-off phase 2 program is part of a science-wide funding instrument of ZonMw and NWO, which is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The program focuses on facilitating and stimulating activity and entrepreneurship originating from (applied) science. This involves the creation of innovative new activities following knowledge development by Dutch universities, NWO recognized research institutes, accredited TO2 institutions and Dutch universities of applied sciences.

Financial support

The research results are used by starting entrepreneurs/innovative starters to develop product, process, healthcare or service innovations in the broadest sense of the word, within all scientific areas. Within the Take-off phase 2 program, for financial support starting entrepreneurs can apply for a loan of max. . €250.000 with a maximal duration of 2 years.

For more information on the PACT, please contact Dr. Suzanne Korporaal, C.O.O. at J.A.Korporaal@U-PACT.com.

For more information on U-PACT B.V., please contact Dr. Martin Hessing, C.E.O. at M.Hessing@U-PACT.com.